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July 13, 2020

What’s New with EPIC: Scenario Comparisons


As a pioneer in cloud-based building energy performance assessment technology, SRS has earned a reputation for developing cutting edge software, data, and predictive analytics solutions. Our latest innovation is the Energy Performance Improvement Calculator (EPIC™).

EPIC continues to be enthusiastically adopted across the ecosystem of energy efficiency project professionals: project developers, ESCOs, HVAC contractors, utility incentive program managers, and manufacturers and distributors of HVAC equipment.

New Features

Based on EPIC user requests, we are pleased to announce the following new project scenario comparison features are now available to EPIC users:

  1. Project Scenario Comparison: EPIC now enables users to create, save and compare different project scenarios, in real time and with minimal data inputs (See Exhibit I: User Interface).

    This capability empowers EPIC users to optimize their project based on key cost and savings metrics and make the business case for energy efficiency investment.

    For example, building owners often pose the following “tough” questions to project developers and HVAC equipment replacement professionals when considering energy improvements:

    • “Can you quantify the estimated ROI difference between high efficiency versus code compliant equipment?”

    • “Does the enhanced performance associated with high efficiency equipment justify its price premium?”

    • “Which equipment scenario optimizes project lifetime savings and property value increase?”

    Many HVAC equipment professionals lack the tools to quickly quantify such key financial impact analytics and answer these critical questions needed to gain building owner commitment.

    By way of EPIC’s new scenario comparison feature, an EPIC user can instantly calculate and compare the key differences between project scenarios. For example, an EPIC user can compare the cost and associated energy savings of equipment that meets the minimum local building energy code requirement to the cost and energy savings of installing higher energy efficient equipment. Most importantly, an EPIC user can now provide data-driven answers to satisfy the building owner’s desire to make a fully informed investment decision.

  2. Scenario Comparison Report: Upon scenario data entry, EPIC users can instantly create an EPIC Scenario Comparison Report (see Exhibit II: Sample Report).

    When equipment needs replacing the decision whether to install high efficiency equipment needs to be evaluated and made quickly. Moreover, HVAC professionals are often limited to a single opportunity to provide a proposal that makes the business case for high efficiency equipment.

    This ability to make the business case for an energy efficient investment is fast becoming a must-have component of HVAC equipment replacement proposals in the current “pandemic” economic environment where building owners are closely scrutinizing their estimated return on capital expenditures.

The Result–Everybody Wins with EPIC:

  • The property owner has the information they need to make a confident and expedited investment decision.
  • The project developer/contractor increases their proposal win rate.
  • The utility energy efficiency program manager deploys more incentives and captures more savings.
  • The manufacturer and distributor accelerate sales of their high efficiency equipment.

To learn more about how these new EPIC scenario comparison features can help grow your business, contact us to schedule a demonstration.

About the Author

Brian J. McCarter is Chief Executive Officer at Sustainable Real Estate Solutions. Mr. McCarter has been a leader in the commercial real estate software and due diligence information services market for over 25 years. He may be contacted through our Contact page.