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EPIC empowers energy efficiency project professionals to confidently estimate the energy savings and financial impacts of their projects in real time.

EPIC’s proprietary data, predictive analytics and proven technology are based on thousands of energy performance improvement projects conducted nationwide over the past decade.

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The EPIC app is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

EPIC-generated reports can be appended to your equipment replacement proposals to illustrate key project economics in support of your client’s investment decision. Your proposal will stand out and help transform an unwelcome capital expense to a compelling investment opportunity.

EPIC Testimonials

Reshapes virtual energy audits

DNV is leading digital transformation initiatives across the utility program administration industry, including the rapidly emerging virtual energy audit practice.


EPIC has proven an innovative and strategic tool to streamline DNV’s virtual energy audit program and help accelerate building owner engagement and investment in energy efficiency projects – while dramatically reducing our implementation costs.


In collaborating with SRS to integrate new EPIC features to meet our needs and the needs of our clients we have been impressed with SRS’s responsiveness. As a state-of-the-art technology solution, EPIC is poised to reshape how virtual energy audit programs are deployed at scale.

Mark T. Darden, Vice President, Program Development and Implementation, Sustainable Energy Use

Stunningly wonderful, easy to use tool

EPIC is a stunningly wonderful, easy to use tool. It enables a “Goldilocks” approach – not too technically in-depth, but just enough detail to confidently understand and support a client’s investment decision.


EPIC has been a great value-add tool for Energility. We get a reasonable level of output without all the rigor and expense of a typical Level II energy audit

Justin Kale, CEM, CRE, Director

Reduces Project Development Costs

Requiring minimal data inputs, EPIC provides energy savings calculations for a wide range of energy improvements, including HVAC, EMS, and LED lighting. In comparison to traditional time and cost-intensive energy audits, EPIC’s calculations are consistently within +/- 10%-20% at a fraction of historical costs.


In real time, EPIC enables the development of multiple scenarios, including electrification projects, which helps maximize utility incentives and achieve greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. These scenarios can be shared with internal and external stakeholders facilitating collaboration during the proposal development phase.


Moreover, based on our feedback, SRS has integrated new features into EPIC and provides dedicated user training and support to ensure we get the most from the tool.


EPIC has proven to enhance our technical approach and help differentiate our proposals from the competition – all while dramatically reducing our preliminary project development costs in the municipal energy savings performance contracting sector.

Project Engineer
Leading Energy Service Company

Impressive Software

EPIC has been a very useful tool as the premier choice to calculate energy efficient equipment costs and savings. As an engineer that helps commercial building owners improve their properties, I’m thoroughly impressed with the work that has gone into this software.


Also, I really appreciate SRS’s great employees and the professional training and support services that have enabled me to be more effective with my clients.

Matthew Branham, Senior Engineer / Owner
Practical Power & Engineering, Salt Lake City, UT

Easy to Navigate Tool

We are often asked by building owners to provide savings estimates, but haven’t had an effective way to do so on routine HVAC equipment replacement projects.


With EPIC we now have a streamlined, sensible, easy to navigate tool that enables project analysis remotely, even before we walk through the door to quote a project. EPIC has quickly become a great asset to our company.

Tim Coyne, President

Dynamic Sales Tool

We are excited to offer EPIC – a dynamic sales tool – to our Diamond Commercial Contractors. With EPIC, our contractors are now enabled, in real time with minimal data inputs, to estimate VRF system energy savings and calculate the financial impacts of their projects.


The result is a highly professional business case that helps make their proposal standout from the competition while providing the building owner the information needed to make a confident investment decision.

Chris Ouellette, Regional Sales Manger

An Important Tool in Our Arsenal

EPIC is an important tool in our arsenal as we seek to originate and finance clean energy projects for small and medium-sized building owners in underserved markets throughout Colorado.

Paul Sharfenberger, Executive Director

A Truly Amazing Tool

Faced with an unexpected $50,000 capital expense to replace our medical office’s heat pump, we used EPIC to evaluate the energy cost savings that would occur if we added solar PV and LED lighting to the project.


The result: While adding the new measures increased the total cost to $137,000, the result was nothing short of spectacular:


  • Energy cost savings over the life of the equipment exceeds $355,000
  • The building asset value will rise by $160,000
  • First year GHG emissions reduction: 30 tons
  • Lifetime GHG emissions reduction: 664 tons.


In short, this project is a win-win for us, the contractors, the environment, and the people of the Bay Area – all thanks to EPIC – truly an amazing tool which gave me the information I needed to make a confident investment decision in energy efficiency!

Dr. Kenneth Low, Founder and Building Owner

Enhances Our Value-add Services

At NRS we have built our reputation offering our clients the highest quality commercial roofing systems, including solar PV installations and multiple financing options.


EPIC enhances our value-add services by enabling NRS staff to estimate the energy savings and key financial metrics of multiple project scenarios.


The result is NRS can better navigate our customers through the planning, designing, and financing decision process with full-transparency to the financial impacts of their project – all calculated in real time with minimal inputs in EPIC.

Kevin P. LaMarco, CEO

Enhances our commercial sector strategy

ATS Rocky Mountain is rapidly expanding beyond our longstanding leadership role in public building energy management services to include private/commercial building energy efficiency project development.


EPIC has proven to enhance our commercial sector strategy to help clients increase profitability through energy efficiency solutions that augment their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program goals.


Commercial building comprehensive energy efficiency projects typically involve multiple stakeholders. With EPIC we now have a tool to quickly create and exchange key project data and analytics with such decision makers. The result is property owners have the information they need to confidently invest in energy efficiency.

Matt Kwiatkowsk

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