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May 19, 2021

What’s New with EPIC: The EPIC Summary


As a pioneer in cloud-based building energy performance assessment technology, SRS has earned a reputation for developing cutting edge software, data, and predictive analytics solutions. Our latest innovation is the Energy Performance Improvement Calculator (EPIC™).

EPIC continues to be enthusiastically adopted across the ecosystem of energy efficiency project professionals for its ability to help drive sales of higher ticket, higher margin equipment.

New Features

Based on EPIC user requests, we are pleased to announce the launch of the EPIC Summary.

EPIC now enables users, via the “Share/PDF” page, to select the EPIC Summary (versus EPIC Report) option to download this new one-page summary:

The EPIC Summary supports user applications where a one-page summary of a project’s estimated energy cost savings and CO2e emissions reduction metrics is preferred over the EPIC Report’s multi-page format.

To learn more about how this new EPIC Summary can help accelerate your energy efficiency project proposals, Contact Us to schedule a demonstration.

About the Author

Brian J. McCarter is Chief Executive Officer at Sustainable Real Estate Solutions. Mr. McCarter has been a leader in the commercial real estate software and due diligence information services market for over 25 years. He may be contacted through our Contact page.