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May 19, 2020

SRS Launches Building Energy Performance Improvement Calculator (EPIC™)

Cloud-based app empowers HVAC contractors and energy efficiency project developers to instantly calculate the cash value of energy savings driven by equipment upgrades to commercial buildings

TRUMBULL, CT–Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, Inc. (SRS), the leader in software, data and predictive analytics for commercial building energy efficiency projects, today announced the nationwide availability of its groundbreaking Energy Performance Improvement Calculator (EPIC™).

A powerful cloud-based app, EPIC is used by HVAC contractors and energy efficiency project developers to estimate, in real time, the energy cost savings that modern HVAC equipment delivers building owners.

Brian McCarter, CEO of SRS, said, “EPIC’s energy cost savings and related financial impact calculations are based on thousands of energy improvement project analyses conducted by SRS over the last decade.” He added, “These real-world projects were evaluated both before and after construction, allowing us to continually refine EPIC’s predictive analytic capabilities.”

McCarter noted, “We hear the same question time and again from the HVAC contracting and project development community we serve: Why is it so darn hard to sell energy efficiency? The answer is that most commercial, government and non-profit building owners have the same concern: Capital is hard to come by and the last thing they want to do is shell out cash for an unwelcome HVAC equipment replacement project.”

“What they rarely see,” McCarter added, “is the other side of the equation: Today’s high efficiency equipment typically generates 25%-30% energy cost savings for years to come. Until EPIC, the missing link has been a tool to quantify these energy cost savings and financial impacts for inclusion in a project proposal. With EPIC analytics appended to their proposals, contractors and developers nationwide can ensure their customer has the business case they need to confidently invest in energy efficiency.”

Tim Coyne, President of Coyne Mechanical, Providence, RI, said, “We are often asked by building owners to provide savings estimates, but haven’t had an effective way to do so on routine HVAC equipment replacement projects. With EPIC we now have a streamlined, sensible, easy-to-navigate tool that enables project analysis remotely, even before we walk through the door to quote a project.” Coyne added, “EPIC has quickly become a great asset to our company.”

Paul Scharfenberger, Executive Director of Colorado Clean Energy Fund, Golden, CO, said, “EPIC is an important tool in our arsenal as we seek to originate and finance clean energy projects for small and medium-sized building owners in underserved markets throughout Colorado.”

About SRS

Sustainable Real Estate Solutions, Inc. (SRS) was founded in 2010 by experienced commercial real estate information services and energy efficiency professionals. The company’s proprietary software, data and predictive analytics platform has supported energy efficiency professionals in the development and financing of thousands of projects nationwide. SRS’s latest innovation is EPIC™: a cloud-based app that empowers HVAC contractors and project developers to estimate the energy savings and financial impacts of equipment replacement projects in real time. To schedule an EPIC demo, visit

About the Author

Brian J. McCarter is Chief Executive Officer at Sustainable Real Estate Solutions. Mr. McCarter has been a leader in the commercial real estate software and due diligence information services market for over 25 years. He may be contacted through our Contact page.