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For years HVAC contractors and project developers have asked: Why is it so darn hard to sell energy efficiency? To answer that question, SRS has made a multi-million dollar investment to define the problem and develop a groundbreaking solution.


Building owners can be tough customers. The last thing they want to do is shell out cash for an unwelcome HVAC or mechanical equipment replacement project. What they rarely see is the other side of the equation: today’s high efficiency equipment will typically generate 25%-30% annual energy cost savings for years to come. Until EPIC, most contractors lacked the tools to estimate such energy cost savings and financial impacts for inclusion in their project proposals.


EPIC empowers energy efficiency project professionals, in real time with minimal data inputs, to estimate the energy savings and financial impacts of their projects. Moreover, with just one click, you can download your project’s EPIC Report – a PDF formatted summary that can be appended to your proposal to ensure the property owner has the information they need to confidently invest in energy improvements. The result: financially compelling proposals that win more projects!

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  • Enter your building characteristics and instantly estimate the energy cost savings from your proposed equipment upgrades
  • Conduct scenario analysis to assess and optimize the cost and savings impact from adding other energy improvements
  • Compare the financial impacts of code-compliant versus high efficiency equipment

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  • Stand out from your competition by developing the most cost-effective energy improvements for your property owner
  • Provide cash flow projections for owner self-funded and 3rd party financed scenarios, e.g., bank loan and PACE finance options
  • Transform an unwelcome capital expense to a compelling investment opportunity

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  • Append the EPIC Report to your proposal providing visibility to lifetime energy cost savings
  • Turn “cost” proposals into “investment” proposals and accelerate your property owner’s go/no go decision
  • Increase your proposal-to-sale win rate by including project financial impact analytics

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To see the phenomenal return on investment that HVAC contractors are earning with EPIC, checkout the EPIC ROI Calculator.

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