EPIC Development

Over the past decade, SRS, working on behalf of state and local government sponsors of commercial property energy efficiency programs, has supported project professionals in the development, optimization and technical review of thousands of energy improvement projects nationwide.

To support the growing volume of projects, SRS developed its state-of-the-art software application (EPIC) to streamline data collection, automate the analysis of energy savings and calculate the financial impacts from equipment upgrades.


The EPIC methodology, developed by SRS to estimate energy consumption and cost savings that flow from proposed energy improvements, is central to project optimization. EPIC’s proprietary algorithms draw from SRS’s extensive experience and are augmented by utility energy efficiency program technical resource manuals, equipment manufacturers’ data, and industry best practice energy savings calculation methodologies.

EPIC is designed to meet key market challenges:

Moreover, EPIC helps energy efficiency contractors and project developers “translate” project technical data to the language of “cash flow” – the language that property owners speak. The result is a project proposal that the owner better understands, enabling a more informed decision-making process.

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